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It is comprised of:

  • Project Board (Board)
    Provides overall strategic leadership for the MRC eMedLab Infrastructure are research activities
  • Executive Committee (Exec)
    Provides leadership and governance for all day-to-day MRC eMedLab activities, as delegated by the Board
    Reports to the Board
  • Resource Allocation Committee (RAC)
    Provides Resource Allocation governance for MRC eMedLab research projects
    Reports to the Exec
  • Technical Governance Group (TGG)
    Provides technical leadership and governance for the MRC eMedLab production infrastructure 
    Reports to the Exec and the RAC

MRC eMedLab research projects are reviewed, approved, and their resource allocations governed by the RAC.

The operations team reports to the TGG, which governs any technical and support decisions.

Service metrics and statistics related to the activity of research projects while utilising the MRC eMedLab infrastructure resources are reported to the RAC.


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