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This is an exciting collaboration between Europe's leading biomedical scientists.

Our vision is to maximise the gains for patients and for medical research that will come from the explosion in human health data.

To realise this potential we need to accumulate medical and biological data on an unprecedented scale and complexity, to coordinate it, to store it safely and securely, and to make it readily available to interested researchers.

eMedLabs is managed by the eMedLabs governance.

You can find more details at: Governance


We have a large cluster of servers which contains thousands of cores and petabytes of storage, pre-setup ready to take on any work loads over periods of time.  

The cluster is based upon an implementation of OpenStack where by users are able to create the computational power as needed to process your calculations. 

OpenStack Platform:

The storage is is powered by a high-performance clustered file system where by the reads and writes are much faster input/output operations per second. (IOPS)

Application form and guidelines

To acquire access to this environment, please submit the request via the application form (Microsoft Word Document) for the requirements. 


Project application process

  1. Read the guidelines and fill the form above:
    • Do seek your institutional eMedLab facilitator for help with this (listed at the bottom of the page for each institution). They can answer any questions you have, provide advice, and manage the whole process for you and minimise your effort. 
    • Note that if you don't have a Systems Administrator (PSA) readily available to work with you on your project, your institution can provide you with one - please find the list of facilitators and PSAs at the bottom of the page.
  2. The Facilitator will then submit the form to the Resource Allocation Committee (see  Link to Governance for more info). Alternatively, contact rac (at) to submit your form.
  3. Your request will be reviewed by the RAC and the eMedLab Ops Team who may come back to you for more information. If all is well, the ops team will provide you with next steps to access the system.

You will be given access to:

  1.  Access to the wiki containing information that is relevant to your eMedLab project / tenancy.
  2.  Access to OpenStack services - your project systems administrator should then be able to set your project infrastructure and applications therein.
  3.  Full administrative / root access rights within your VMs.

Institutional facilitators can provide you guidance and suggestions on setting up and configuring your VM. Your group's project administrator will deal with day-to-day operations of your VM.


Where to go for help regarding your eMedLab accounts and project configuration

Your project will be configured to your requirements at the beginning, including user accounts within OpenStack. If there are changes to these, please first get in touch with your institution facilitators. Your institution facilitators will be able to assist you e.g. suggestions on configuration.

Your institution facilitators will contact the Ops Team for requests and incidents that require their attention, and will keep you informed on progress.

Federated Institutional Support

eMedLab Facilitator (institutional support)Provides information to users about access, documentation, and support
eMedLab Project Systems Administrator (PSA) (institutional support)

Provides setup and researcher/user support
They are from the same institution as project or volunteered by project

eMedLab Core operations team (sourced from partners)

PSA support and training
They ensure correct function and improvements to eMedLab

Institutional facilitators

FacilitatorDavid Wong
PSAFaruque Sarker
FacilitatorBruno Silva
PSAsJohn Bouquiere, Michael Holliday

Steve Whitbread

FacilitatorsTim Cutts, Colin Nolan
PSAsPeter Clapham, James Beal

FacilitatorsAndy Cafferkey
PSAsDavid Ocana

Facilitator / PSAs

Steve Welburn (

Tom King (

PSAsPeter Botcherby

Operations Team

Thomas Jones
William Hay

Bruno Silva (Service Manager)

Michael Holliday

John Bouquiere

Stefan Boeing (Data Manager) 

Pete Clapham
James Beale  

Tom King
Chris Walker

Andy Cafferkey
David Ocana 

None assigned

Peter Botcherby

Recent space activity

Space contributors


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